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The Honorable Susan Braden

Advisory Board Member


The Honorable Chief Judge Susan Braden is widely regarded by industry as one of foremost minds in the fields of Federal procurement and intellectual property law.  During her time on the bench of the United States Court of Federal Claims, Judge Braden presided over some of the most complex government contracts disputes in the history of modern Federal procurement.  Prior to her appointment, Judge Braden spent her legal career litigating complex federal and administrative law cases in private practice, where she was honored by the Computer Law Association for winning multiple important decisions throughout her distinguished career.

Judge Braden was appointed to the United States Court of Federal Claims in 2003 by President George W. Bush, after her confirmation by unanimous consent of the United States Senate. On March 13, 2017, President Donald J. Trump appointed Judge Braden Chief of the Court until she retired in 2018. 

Judge Braden was previously appointed and served as a Judicial Advisors to the Restatement of the Law on Copyright for the American Law Institute, the Chair of the Intellectual Property Committee of the Advisory Council for the Judges Special Committee of the American Intellectual Property Law Association, and was a Member of the Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility-Judges Advisory Committee. Judge Braden was also selected by the United States to serve as a dispute panelist of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement ("USMCA"). 

As an advisor to Dustoff, Judge Braden provides broad insight into regulatory compliance, intellectual property preservation, and navigating the landscapes of federal procurement policy.

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