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Health IT

Our approach to Health IT is informed by decades of experience driving innovation and change management efforts for the government and fueled by our dedication to delivering on the mission.  

A Strategic Partner

Dustoff has built a team of regulatory, policy, operations, and acquisition experts in the defense health community to help us assist our strategic partners in navigating the contemporary DoD health landscape.  


Our mission is to support a broad range of Health IT efforts with the right SME's, specific expertise, programmatic thinking, legal support, and regulatory knowledge.   

Design & Modernization

Dustoff had the great opportunity to manage the development of a customized data analytics solution with one of our strategic analytics partners for the newest branch of the United States Armed Forces, the Space Force. The analytics platform ingests weather data from multiple sources including weather towers, weather balloons, and historical weather tables, and interpolates wind speeds and directions for locations without weather sensors. The platform then creates dynamic visualizations of all data to assist in decision making.

Programmatic Support

Dustoff is also involved helping guide future investment for DOD customers working in a variety of research areas, including delivery of medicine in the field and medical training using next generation tools.

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